Discover the secrets of hydroponic vegetable growth

Discover the secrets of hydroponic vegetable growth

Following the successful launch of the Black Technology Exploration Camp, the "2019 Beijing New Year Promotion Festival" has been launched on January 16th under the second line of the theme activity "Food for the Day, Live and Fresh". The event was sited by Jingdong Plant Factory with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters, mainly planting hydroponic vegetables. At present, the first batch of hydroponic vegetables will be on the market. Compared with other plant factories, Jingdong plant production is 3-4 times that of traditional planting, and water saving is also 90%.

Through manual intervention technology, the temperature, humidity, light, and carbon dioxide concentration in the Jingdong plant can be kept in the most suitable state for vegetable growth. Imported water purification equipment can completely eliminate water pollution, and with the nutrient solution of “prepared by vegetables”, vegetables can grow without using pesticides and hormones. The vegetables grown here can be directly consumed without washing.

At the same time, the plant factory also has the energy-saving and environmental protection attributes. hydroponic vegetables is in very low need of water. Each vegetable needs only 500ml of water from seeds to vegetables, which is less than the water volume of a bottle of mineral water. It is more than 90% water-saving than conventional planting; It is also recycled, and the entire plant factory is close to zero emissions, and the load on the environment is extremely low.

100x50mm hydroponic NFT channel is perfect for many leafy vegetables such as lettuce, we also have 30x25x23cm (12x10x9") Dutch bucket for fruit vegetables growing. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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