Clay Pebbles for Flower Orchid

Clay Pebbles for Flower Orchid

What's Clay pebbles? It's an organic growing medium and be used widely.

Clay pebbles are made by heating clay in a rotating kiln to 1100 – 1200 degrees Celsius. This heating process causes the clay to expand. The end result is a rough finished, highly porous medium that is excellent at retaining moisture, trapping air, and oxygenating any nutrient solution that flows over it.

Using clay pebbles will help speed up plant growth by providing plenty of aeration to the root zone. They also provide a great support structure to give your plants unparalleled stability.

Although most commonly used as a sole substrate in recirculating hydroponic systems such as drip or flood and drain systems, the properties of clay pebbles mean they are often used by soil and coco growers as a base layer when potting (to increase drainage) and as a top layer (to reduce the evaporation from the top of the growing medium caused by grow lights).G&N bato bucket + clay pebbles is perfect for tomato, cucumber, pepper etc.

Not only for hydroponics, clay pebbles are also used in aeroponics, now more and more people are trying aeroponices with our clay pebbles.

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