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Pressure Compensation dripper

Brand : gnfortune

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 25-30 days after payment

Supply capacity : Depending on the product

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Pressure Compensation dripper

Emitters deliver a consistent output of water, even with changes in pressure due to long drip tubing runs or changes in elevation.

Water Conservation -an efficient watering by supplying water where it is needed - at the very roots of the plants.

Reduce Plant Stress - When plants get deep, consistent watering, they thrive. Inefficient, shallow watering can contribute to plant stress. Promote healthy growth and disease resistance plants in your garden with drip.

Save Money - use less water to irrigate,with the reduction of plant disease and unwanted weeds, your gardening labor and maintenance costs will also drop considerably.

Reduce Weed Growth -applies water to the root zone of your plants, the spaces in between plants remain dry. This greatly inhibits weed seed germination.

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Pressure Compensation dripper



Flow rate



1 bar-3bar



The Project showes

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